Did The Forums Go Back In Time?

It looks to me like we've lost a few days in the forums. The Tips and Tricks Library Function forum is gone (as are all of my posts to it today). Support goes back to Thursday as the lastest post....

Something odd just happened.....

Is anyone seeing this?

Dec 17, 2009
Yes, that is what seemed to have happened.

My question about TCMD themes not coloring vertical bars is gone as well.

A Joomla autoupdate blew up the server this afternoon.

Backfiring auto-updates?
Reminds me of the foremost reason I am still running WIndows 7…
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
2+ days of lost stuff! Is that expected? Only on general principles, I figured an outfit in the content business (cloudflare) would do better than that.
Nov 13, 2008
2+ days of lost stuff! Is that expected? Only on general principles, I figured an outfit in the content business (cloudflare) would do better than that.
Cloudflare has nothing to do with it, they are a caching proxy (with DDoS filtering and a few other goodies), they don't host the original content or database itself.
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