How to? Different ways to calculate Difference in Days...

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One method to calculate the Difference in Days is with the @days function from the the ISO8601 Plugin, available from

From the ISO8601.CHM file;

echo Only %@days[T,%@nextdate[12,25]] days until Christmas!
echo %@days[T,%@easter[*]] days until Easter.

Another method is to use the DateDiff function from VBScript;

@echo off
text > vbDateDiff.vbs
shell.writeln(DateDiff("d", Now, "12/25/2013"))
if exist vbDateDiff.vbs script vbDateDiff.vbs
if exist vbDateDiff.vbs del vbDateDiff.vbs > nul

Another method is to use the @DAYSDIFF function from the FedUtils plugin, available from

echo %@DAYSDIFF[%_ISODATE,2012-12-25]
Some other examples can be found at;

Share your method on how you calculate the Difference in Days.