DIR reports meaningless SYMLINK information

Feb 12, 2019
DIR %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\microsoft\windowsapps shows a bunch of "SYMLINKS" though they're actually IO_REPARSE_TAG_APPEXECLINK, not SYMLINK. But I digress.

What's supposed to appear in the brackets on the right? For an actual symbolic link it appears to be the target e.g.
7/31/2019 19:01 <SYMLINK> python3.7.exe [C:\Users\howardk\AppData\Local\microsoft\windowsapps\python3.7.exe]
but there's 20+ IO_REPARSE_TAG_* definitions. What's expected for non-symlinks tags?

Do you just fill in the absolute path for the reparse point if there's an error, or it's a tag you don't recognize, or...? Current behavior seems kinda pointless.

DIR /REPARSE:TAGNAME to show APPEXECLINK etc instead of SYMLINK for all would be nice.
DIR /REPARSE:VERBOSE to show more details about the reparse point in the brackets would be nice.

Enhancement request?...