DIR \\.\...?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Why are these different?
v:\> dir /k /m c:\
2012-10-23  22:12  <DIR>  dell
2014-12-22  21:21  <DIR>  HP_ePrint
2014-06-26  13:19  <DIR>  inetpub
2014-10-18  00:10  <DIR>  NVIDIA
2009-07-13  22:37  <DIR>  PerfLogs
2015-05-19  22:54  <DIR>  Program Files
2014-10-19  15:49  <DIR>  temp
2015-05-19  23:03  <DIR>  Users
2013-01-26  16:58  <DIR>  wd
2015-02-15  22:25  <DIR>  Windows

v:\> dir /k /m \\.\c:\
dell  <DIR>  2012-10-23 22:12
HP_ePrint  <DIR>  2014-12-22 21:21
inetpub  <DIR>  2014-06-26 13:19
NVIDIA  <DIR>  2014-10-18  0:10
PerfLogs  <DIR>  2009-07-13 22:37
Program Files  <DIR>  2015-05-19 22:54
temp  <DIR>  2014-10-19 15:49
Users  <DIR>  2015-05-19 23:03
wd  <DIR>  2013-01-26 16:58
Windows  <DIR>  2015-02-15 22:25
Jun 8, 2013
Warsaw, Poland
Both "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" are shown as "Program Files"
PerfLogs  <DIR>  2009-07-14  5:20
Program Files  <DIR>  2015-05-03 20:11
Program Files  <DIR>  2015-06-06  9:55
Users  <DIR>  2015-01-20 11:19
Windows  <DIR>  2015-05-13  7:23


Staff member
May 14, 2008
\\.\ tells Windows to use the device namespace instead of the file namespace. TCC asks Windows what the file system type is for \\.\c:\, and Windows says "unknown, default to FAT". And you get a FAT output.

So TCC's behavior is WAD. But I still don't know what you were trying to do or what you expected to see.
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