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//directive ignored on TCC command-line

Hi all.

Here's a little tricky one...

In my TCMD.INI file, TCStartPath=D:\BAT (the point is not to have to change it to solve my problem below)

This happens :

C:\>"C:\Program Files\TCC.exe" //TCStartPath=C:\ something.BTM
Error on line 160 of C:\ProgramData\JP Software\Take Command 20.0\TCMD.INI:
Invalid path or file name for "TCStartPath=D:\BAT"

(path is deemed "invalid" because at the time D: is BitLocked)

I tried "//TCStartPath=C:\" but that didin't work either.

Ignoring the lock, shouldn't directives speficied after // not be checked against TCMD.INI ?
What am I missing here?

Running v20.11.46

So that means some directives cannot be overriden with "//" ?
I don't remember reading that in the docs...

I'll have to find another way then.
Any directive can be overridden with a subsequent "//...". However, that won't prevent TCMD / TCC from returning an error when it reads the TCMD.INI *before* you've overridden the directive.

See the "NoINIErrors" advanced directive in the help file if you don't want TCMD / TCC to display an error.

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