Directory history entries from /S option of various commands

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
My only use of the directory history is for directory navigation. As such, I am not interested what directories one of my batch programs visited, nor what subdirectories (sometimes hundreds of them) a COPY command used for directory tree backup visited. My preference is that it contain only directories visited at the command prompt. OTOH some commands which perform subdirectory iteration add each one visited during iteration to the history. I could be slightly off, it may be that only those in which action was required are added. Regardless, this results in a very bloated directory history, in which the significant entries, the ones I manually switched to, are well nigh impossible to find.

I would like to have a configuration option by which to choose between the current operation and the reduced operation (only directories that are the CWD at a command prompt). I would like to hear from other users who agree with me.
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