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directory history locks up TCC


I'm using TCMD 15.01.58. I was using a version 15.00.? and had the same issue.

I've never had a problem with using the directory history in TCC until now. I just recently set the save to file option in TCC. In case that was my problem, I turned it off. But, the problem still remains. But, since it only started after I first set it, I'm guessing that is part of the problem. Don't know.

At any rate, now when I hit ctrl-pgup or F6, I don't see the history window, and, the instance of TCC is locked, won't accept any more text input. Other instances of TCC seem unaffected.'

I rebooted my computer in case something was odd in my computer state. But, didn't help.

Using XP SP3 with current MS patches.
Okay that was it. I know that sometimes Windows gets goofed up and puts windows off screen. But, it would be nice if somehow you could detect that. In any case, I took my tcmd.ini, deleted the popup window location lines and now it works again.

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