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Disconnected Toolbar

I have Win 7 and TakeCommand 11

Toolbar = Top line with "file, edit, tabs, view, options, windows, help"

I use TC frequently and have been pleased with this 5 star program for many years - but..
Several times a week i'll go to move the window from one screen to the other, and I'll accidentally
drag the toolbar instead of the entire window. No problem, I just drag it back (don't understand why
it *can* be dragged, but - oh well)

Today, when TC came up after boot up, the toolbar was Locked at the top of one screen and the TC window was on the other. The toolbar is not 'dragable' to the TC window. I've tried every 'trick' I could think of -- nothing works. The toolbar is usable, but I want it back where it belongs, at the top line of the TC window.

Bob K.