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Fixed DO file in with /a or /d

These both work in versions before V18.
v:\> do f in /a:-d * ( echo %f )
Usage : DO [n | FOREVER]

v:\> do f in /d"v:\" * ( echo %f )
Usage : DO [n | FOREVER]
Huh. It's not just you, I've got a script that stopped working, but I put it on Monday's list to research. Same basic syntax, removing "/a:-d" and adding a later check to skip over directories seems to have worked around it, I think.

"do folder in /A:D *" results in "Usage : DO [n | FOREVER]"

A lot of my scripts are hitting this as well. Like others have said, removing the /A:D fixes the error. I can change my scripts to do a attribute check inside the loop for now, like @thedave mentions.

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