Do NOT request return receipt!

rconn wrote:
| Some of you are sending emails to the forum with return receipt
| requested. This results in the mail getting stuck in the mailbox and
| not being deleted after it is posted to the forum, so EVERY message
| sent by everybody else also gets stuck and you end up seeing the same
| emails repeated every few minutes.

That's a new problem. All messages (except those sent as nntp: or news:) I
ever sent anywhere in the last several years had requested both return
receipt and read receipt. This had never been a problem before.

Participating in the JPsoft NGs is becoming more difficult by the day... I
have to "reply to sender", not "reply to group" - but "reply to sender" is
intended to be PRIVATE mail to the sender only, not for the whole NG. This
is not as much of a problem in replying to JPsoft NG messages (because OE
does not accept the group response) as it is to remember to use "reply to
group" for the other NGs - some of my intended response posts went instead
as private emails. Now I need to turn off the receipt request as well for
each message.

Vince, do you still actively duplicate the JPsoft NGs?
On Sun, 15 Feb 2009 17:56:06 -0600, Steve Fábián <> wrote:

>Vince, do you still actively duplicate the JPsoft NGs?
What JPSoft NGs? I tried pumping posts to/from my news server but it didn't
work well. I would be ecstatic if there were a return to an NNTP interface.
Every aspect of the current system is inadequate. NNTP, which it doesn't do at
all, and email (which it does very poorly) are perfect for this sort of thing.
- Vince
Jun 3, 2008
On Sun, 15 Feb 2009 17:56:03 -0600, Steve Fábián
<> wrote Re RE: [Support-t-957] Do NOT request
return receipt!:

>Participating in the JPsoft NGs is becoming more difficult by the day...
Indeed. I much preferred the old system. I myself find the quoting
style very difficult to read.
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