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Double Quote in TC Tool Bar Button Command line

How can I use a double quote as part of the command line in a TC tool bar button definition. Ex:

"find "some text" filename.ext" enter

Without the double quotes, the command fails but TC needs the double quotes to define the literal string to send to the window.

I've tried escaping the command quotes but no love.

The help for KEYSTACK says that you can use two double-quotes to insert a double-quote. I can't seem to make that work reliably.

The help also says that numbers outside of double quotes are interpreted as VKEY codes. I think that's just plain wrong (out of date?) -- numbers are interpreted as ASCII values. Or Unicode values, rather. They must be in decimal; hex with a leading 0x does not work. So:

"find " 34 "some text" 34 " filename.ext" enter
Agreed. The behavior (at least in the tool bar button command line definition) seems inconsistent with the help info.

The example is:

To get this: abc "def"

Use this: "abc " "" "def" ""

But, that results in this: abc " def""

I was finally able to get the results I needed after a fair bit of tinkering. This command definition works for me now:

"echo. & wevtutil qe Application /q:"""Event[System[(EventID=5034)]]" " /f:text /rd:true /c:5 | findstr /c:Date: /c:Could /c:Event[ /c:Computer" enter

That results in this being sent to the current window:

echo. & wevtutil qe Application /q:"Event[System[(EventID=5034)]]" /f:text /rd:true /c:5 | findstr /c:Date: /c:Could /c:Event[ /c:Computer

I think double-quotes (make the string literal) and double-double-quotes (make the string literal and singly-double-quoted) are separate critters. Anything literal should be in one or the other but not both.


"find " ""some text"" " timecheck.btm" enter


find "some text" timecheck.btm

Similarly, this

"abc " ""def""


abc "def"

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