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Download Videos from sites like YouTube with a powerful Open-Source CML Tool

It seems all the browser extensions that once used to offer this function have turned into bait-and-switch vaporware. If they do something at all, it is urging users to buy and/or install highly dubious "required components".

Fortunately, there is a true freeware alternative: youtube-dl, a capable and frequently updated program on GitHub.

It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The Windows version is a self-contained executable, the others require a Python interpreter to be installed. It runs natively from the command line, but there is also a graphical UI named youtube-dl-gui available.
Not that owners of Take Command should ever need a GUI…

The program comes with many useful options, like downloading only the audio part of videos, choosing a specific a specific quality or format, extracting subtitles, making selections from playlists etc.

If you need a video downloader, give it a try . I installed it this morning and it worked fine.
[FOX] Ultimate Translator