DrawBox now broken in Windows 10?

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Dec 26, 2009
TCC 21.00.18 x64
Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16353 (Windows Pro x64)

The following code works fine on Windows 7 and previous versions of Win 10:

cls bri whi on blu
drawbox 0 0 4 40 1 bri whi on blu fill gre
color bri whi on gre
screen 2 4 Backup Drive F: to Ext Drive H:

But now, I get this:

Dec 26, 2009
Works fine here with that Windows 10 build. What font are you using?

I'm pretty sure that's the same font I've been using for a long time with no problems. However, Windows 10 seems to be really bad with random stuff that happens on one install but not another. I switched to a different font and now it displays OK.