@DriveType Replacement

Function DriveType=`%@IF[%@USB[%@LEFT[1,%1%]:] EQ 1,USB,%@FIELD[%@DRIVETYPEEX[%@LEFT[1,%1%]:],N/A,NoVOL,Remov,HDisk,LAN,CDROM,RAMDISK,DVDROM,TAPE]]`
Return type of a drive as Text, include USB-Drives. I've choosen the name DRIVETYPE, because IMO it's obsolete or unnecessary .
The parameter is a single or double char, e.g. as "C" or "C:"; "\\" will not work, of cause
If someone can use it :-)
I don't think so. It depends on what @DrivetypeEx returns as value.
But I guess that a NVME would be recognized as Type 3=Fixed Disk= HDISK.
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