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Done Duplicate directory path and copy files and subdirectories.

This used to be a feature of xtree. The idea is that my current working directory is D:\FILE\MISC\pictures
and I say "copy/MT *.* F:" then I get everything in the working directory to appear in F:\FILE\MISC\pictures
rather than in F:\ (which is what happens with "copy *.* F:").

"copy/MT/S *.* F:" would allow subdirectories also to be copied. "copy/MT/U *.* F:" would only copy
newer files. I use /MT for "make tree."

F:\FILE\MISC\pictures would be created if it did not exist.

I can do it with a batch file but it would be nice to have it built in. It allows a back up to a thumb drive or
other drive from where one is working without having to go navigate the back up drive.
I'm assuming that if you use something like "copy /MT *.* F:\Backups\2019\12-03" that it would put the copies in F:\Backups\2019\12-03\FILE\MISC

Aside from making backups easy, that would also be useful for copying from a test/development folder to a production folder or copying installation or update folders and files from a thumb drive to bunch of users' PC's for installation, etc.

One additional feature I would suggest is some way to be able to use this either over a network or with Remote Desktop. So it could be run to copy a bunch of folders from a server to a user's PC or from the Remote Desktop client to the Remote Desktop host without mapping.

In those cases, it would also be helpful to be able to access the C:\ drive of the PC the folder\files will be copied to.

I agree about "F:\Backups\2019\12-03" with the tree you are using extended below that. (I can't do that with the batch file I use.)

The remote desktop capability sounds like it would be useful.

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