Duplicate directory path and copy files and subdirectories.

Sep 26, 2018
This used to be a feature of xtree. The idea is that my current working directory is D:\FILE\MISC\pictures
and I say "copy/MT *.* F:" then I get everything in the working directory to appear in F:\FILE\MISC\pictures
rather than in F:\ (which is what happens with "copy *.* F:").

"copy/MT/S *.* F:" would allow subdirectories also to be copied. "copy/MT/U *.* F:" would only copy
newer files. I use /MT for "make tree."

F:\FILE\MISC\pictures would be created if it did not exist.

I can do it with a batch file but it would be nice to have it built in. It allows a back up to a thumb drive or
other drive from where one is working without having to go navigate the back up drive.
Oct 18, 2009
I'm assuming that if you use something like "copy /MT *.* F:\Backups\2019\12-03" that it would put the copies in F:\Backups\2019\12-03\FILE\MISC

Aside from making backups easy, that would also be useful for copying from a test/development folder to a production folder or copying installation or update folders and files from a thumb drive to bunch of users' PC's for installation, etc.

One additional feature I would suggest is some way to be able to use this either over a network or with Remote Desktop. So it could be run to copy a bunch of folders from a server to a user's PC or from the Remote Desktop client to the Remote Desktop host without mapping.

In those cases, it would also be helpful to be able to access the C:\ drive of the PC the folder\files will be copied to.
Sep 26, 2018

I agree about "F:\Backups\2019\12-03" with the tree you are using extended below that. (I can't do that with the batch file I use.)

The remote desktop capability sounds like it would be useful.
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