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Email HTML rendering

I think I figured it out. In HTML emails, the title of the article and the link to it immediately below are HUGE. I think the HTML specifies size 18 (but it looks more like what Windows calls 32, see the attached BIG.PNG). Anyway, Agent won't wrap the link so the lower limit for wrapping everything is the width of that line. In the link is a bare minimum of (for example)


With no title at all and its huge font that takes up 9-10 inches of horizontal real estate.

Rex, could you make that font (title and link) smaller ... say 11 (the size of most of the rest of the text)?


  • big.png
    71.5 KB · Views: 259
You've got a bug in Agent's HTML rendering. It might be possible for me to "fix" it, but it would require:

1) Getting XenForo to send me their source code
2) Learning to program in PHP
3) Hacking something to fix Agent's bug without screwing up the 99%+ who don't use Agent.

Or, you could contact the Agent developers. Might be faster ...

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