Emulating VIEW tailing in TCCRT

The VIEW command has a couple of options for viewing an active text file, in my case, a log file.

The /E option starts the viewing of the text file from the end of the file, while the /T option enables file tailing;
view /e /t "C:\\Users\\jlc\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\SendSmsGui.log"

TCC-RT does not include the VIEW command.

To simulate the viewing of an active text file in TCC-RT, starting at the end, all the while tailing, I have come up with the following;
start /inv /pgm "SendSms64.exe" /d "SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem" /p "1234" /to "1234567890" /sms "Test" /log-file "C:\\Users\\jlc\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\SendSmsGui.log"

do forever
  iff isapp SendSms64.exe then
    tail /n 1 "C:\\Users\\jlc\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\SendSmsGui.log"
   delay 3

It's not pretty, but it does the job.

Another negative is that I cannot get the Error Code of the SendSms64.exe upon completion, but I would rather be able to view the log file, than to get the Error Code.