Done Enhanced ALIAS, SET, ESET and FUNCTION commands

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
The sequel applies to the ALIAS, FUNCTION and SET commands.

1/ Listing mode - ordering:
* Provide option to list in alphabetical order (already in SET)

2/ Listing mode - format:
* For easier readability, provide a tabular format (as in BDEBUGGER's watchwindow)

3/ Listing mode - selection:
* Allow a comma-separated list of entities to be listed
* Select by value, i.e., the same way you can select processes to be reported in TASKLIST

One often needs a slight variation of an existing alias, function, or variable. I'd like an added option: /C - copy. This would assign the raw string value of an already existing entity to a NEW entity to be edited before displaying the edit "window". Example:

current procedure:

alias new_alias=%@alias[old_alias]
eset /a new_alias

new procedure:

eset /a /c new_alias old_alias

Similar procedures are available for variables and functions, but here is the caveat: the current procedure would expand any % signs in old_alias, most likely undesirable. The new procedure would not, which is one of its most important features.
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