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Error 0xc0000142 and FAR Manager

Periodically (but regularly) error 0xc0000142 occurs when calling tcc.exe from the FAR Manager. It happens in the following way: everything is working fine, but after a while (especially after the computer exits sleep mode), this error occurs when trying to execute any program from FAR Manager. This issue exists for a long time - at least with four last versions of TCC.
How can I fix this very annoying issue?
FAR Manager calls command interpreter to run external and most internal commands. I have TCC installed as default command interpreter. And sometimes the issue above occurs. To get rid of the problem, I have to close the FAR Manager and run it again. It's easy, but annoying.
If you don't need TCC's features, you can change FAR's COMSPEC to point to CMD (through a batch file with SETLOCAL + SET + FAR, batch file itself called from an alias or from a shortcut). I use this technique for a few programs.
Not applicable if you want TCC's features when executing from FAR.
How should I change the command?
I don't use FAR and thus don't know directly. Since FAR is widely used, it should be configurable in some way. Looking at http://farmanager.com/, I see "greatly extended by external DLL modules — plugins" (though writing a DLL is probably overkill just for passing a command from CMD to TCMD) (it could be that is type of extension is based on the type of the file, which is not what matters here). A simple but repetitive way is maybe to prefix command with something like TC, and TC.BAT is a script that passes the command over to TCC.

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