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Error on Take Command Start after recent update

I just updated my Take Command to v16.02.48 x64, and now when I open a new console window I get the following:

Error on line 129 of CUsers\Tom.000\AppData\Local\JPSoft\TCMD.INI:
Invalid choice value for "WindowState"

Line 129 is the following:


That must be the original value for WindowState since I have only ever made a single edit to this file, many years ago, nowhere near line #129, to add:


When I click on "Ok" in the messagebox, Take Command fires up just fine and everything seems to work as before. Any ideas where this new error comes from?
Mine has "WindowState=Standard" under both [TakeCommand] and [4NT]. You might try that.
Ah, while I didn't make the edit explicitly, I see now that my TCMD.INI file differs from yours ... at least in the WindowState settings. I have resized my console window, and in [4NT] WindowState is "Custom" (followed by HxW.X.Y settings). However, changing the entry on line 129 to "Standard" does eliminate the error at startup.

That was helpful! Thanks.

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