Error on Take Command Start after recent update

May 2, 2012
Chicago USA
I just updated my Take Command to v16.02.48 x64, and now when I open a new console window I get the following:

Error on line 129 of CUsers\Tom.000\AppData\Local\JPSoft\TCMD.INI:
Invalid choice value for "WindowState"

Line 129 is the following:


That must be the original value for WindowState since I have only ever made a single edit to this file, many years ago, nowhere near line #129, to add:


When I click on "Ok" in the messagebox, Take Command fires up just fine and everything seems to work as before. Any ideas where this new error comes from?
May 2, 2012
Chicago USA
Ah, while I didn't make the edit explicitly, I see now that my TCMD.INI file differs from yours ... at least in the WindowState settings. I have resized my console window, and in [4NT] WindowState is "Custom" (followed by HxW.X.Y settings). However, changing the entry on line 129 to "Standard" does eliminate the error at startup.

That was helpful! Thanks.
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