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How to? Error updating from 20.00.16 to 20.00.21

Updating via the option dialog on Win 7 x64.

Error: Update installation was blocked, digital signature mismatch.

What does this mean and how to if install the update?
Same problem. Your solution worked for me, too, however...

Now TCMD says "the test version has expired..." and my key is no longer working. Do I need a new key?
No, I have the directory and file, and it says

[Take Command v20.0 Registration]

(with most of the key edited out here)

Works as usual with my V17, not at all after the manually downloaded V21 install.
Hallo Rex,

no, I didn't. The key worked fine befor with V.20.17, and does so again now that I have reinstalled that version.

And I see that I am not alone with this problem. I'll have a look again after the weekend.
Glad it worked for you. (Especially since I don't have a plan B!)

A possible "Plan B" (also mentioned in another thread):

You could -as a workaround- temporary disable the Signature check:
by editing Updater.ini and then start the update procedure again


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