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Error when attempting to launch "Safe in Cloud"

I have a password-storage app ("Safe in Cloud") that wouldn't open this way at the TCC prompt:

c:\apps\safeincloud> safeincloud


c:\apps\safeincloud> start safeincloud

A dialog appeared, containing an error message about an illegal instruction (I should have copied it; alas, I didn't). So I tried:

c:\apps\safeincloud> cmd /c safeincloud

That did work. Afterward, trying to launch the program in the first two ways shown above began working as expected.

What might I be seeing here? Possible Windows bug? Possible SafeInCloud bug? Possible TCC bug?
Might there be an issue with the size of the environment? Both ways you tried to start safeincloud from TCC pass it the total TCC environment; START /I safeincloud would not. But starting CMD from TCC and from CMD probably does, too, so I may be barking up the wrong tree.

Did you check if starting a new TCC instance, or logging out and back in, or restarting your computer got the launch failure back? It would give a clue at what level the illegal instruction is used...

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