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Error when installing

I dloaded version 15.0 64 bit, Win 8 Pro and the program goes through the setup and then gives me the following error:
Tried many time and dloaded again & again.


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I doubt this has anything to do with the installer. Apparently TCMD.EXE installed correctly, but you got a failure (from the Windows loader?) when starting TCC.EXE.
  • What build of TCMD v15 are you running?
  • Check to see if you have a TCC.GPF file (usually in your "\users\(yourname)\appdata\local\jpsoft" directory); if so, please send that to [email protected].
  • If you don't have a TCC.GPF, then it's either failing in the Windows loader or in third-party code (i.e., something injected into TCC from another app, such as an antivirus or screen manager app). If you're running something like that, try disabling it and see if that affects the TCC loading.
  • If you have an existing TCMD.INI file you're using, try starting TCC without it.
  • If you're loading plugins, try loading TCC without them.
  • Try downloading the 32-bit version of Take Command and see if that loads.

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