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ESET cosmetic issue

If I ESET /A some_alias, and the alias extends beyond one line, and I Ctrl-C while the cursor is on the first line, the prompt appears on the next line (below where the cursor was) leaving (after the prompt) all the subsequent lines of the alias.
v:\> eset /a predict
predict=^Cho %@eval[%tslope * (%$) + %tintercept=2]  (%@eval[(%$) * -.174 + 10.7
v:\> / %@eval[(%$) * -.170 + 10.63=2])
WAD (and it has always behaved this way). The ^C is occurring in a separate (Windows) thread, which doesn't know or care what line you're editing.

The good news is that there's no reason you would need to use ^C when in ESET.

How do you get out of ESET without saving changes (other than with Ctrl-C)?
I always used ctrl-C to quit without saving an environment vairable OR an alias. Not aware of any other method, certainly none are documented...

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