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Done Everything and view.

Is it possible to install with an already active everything and 'view'. I am a registered owner of view, and prefer some of its features, like the file manager, over the version in tcc. (no offence intended).
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I don't know the details, but TCC can be set to look for external things before looking for internal things. I think it's done with aliases, i.e., if you create an alias with the same name as a TCC internal command, TCC will first look at and process the alias and then won't run the internal command.

As an analogy, Rex told me that if you set _date=01/05/2015 when you echo %_date it will return the value of the variable you created instead of the value of the internal variable.
That has been a feature of 4dos all those years ago, to disable commands. I do know sufficient of the details on that part of 4dos/4os2/4nt/tcmd.

But if you try to finetune v.exe or everything, using a third party version, it is somewhat frustrating when tcc hijacks it.
I'd been using V for several years before it was added to TCMD. Here's how I handle it...
alias v=c:\BIN\V\v.exe %*
I run quite a lot of stuff through apppaths. v is simply my writeexe hack that uses apppaths to launch v. The jpsoft version is renamed to something else.