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ffind does not find files

In Windows 10 if I type "ffind" followed by the name of a file I get "0 files" although the file is on the disk. It occasionally finds files that are on the disk but most of the ones I try give "0 files". What could I be missing that causes this?
What's the exact command line you're using?

One gotcha that I often forget: FFIND won't search into subdirectories with the Hidden or System attribute set, unless you specify the /A switch.
And you need "/S" if you want it to search subdirectories of the current/specified directory..
look is an alias : ffind /dc /f /g %$

looks at C: stops after /First match chan/Ges to directory where file exists
Does not search files per say but folders yes. I personally know the file name, I forget long arse path names

Or a wrapper cdd %@execstr[ffind /km /t"housebuilder" jpstree.idx]

jpstree.idx needs to exist all hidden and system folders will be avaliable

call it and alias hdcd=`cdd %@execstr[ffind /km /t"%1" jpstree.idx]`
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