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FFind, Long lines and Ctrl-Break handler

Ctrl-break can abort TCC/LE (probably TCC too).

To reproduce:
Use single-line, long file. For example 30k characters. For example: somethong from JavaScript bootstrap minimal version (minimal means - single line).
FFind /t" " ThisLongFile
Press Ctrl-Break during file display

FFind find desired character, displays line containing that character, it takes long time, Ctrl-Break to break, kaboom :)
Indeed, TCC version 13 (not tested in LE) behaves strangely when the desired character is found in a single long line. On my system (Dell Latitude D610 running WinXP SP3) using stand-alone TCC13 window after the line is displayed, using lots of line wraps, multiple blank pages are displayed, and TCC exits. Display was too fast to attempt to interrupt with either Ctrl-C or Ctrl-break until after the file was displayed; at that time ctrl-C was echoed, no visible response to ctrl-break, just the eventual end of the TCC process.

Whatever caused the strange behavior had been fixed in version 14 and subsequent releases.