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FFIND syntax -- is /E"regex" /X supported?

In FFIND.HTM, the description of /X without a hexadecimal string says that it will work with /T, but it does not say that it will work with /E. In fact, is says that it MUST be used in conjunction with /T.

I've found that FFIND /E"regex" /X "works" for me.

Can I depend on it?

Is it supported? If so, may I suggest that the /T paragraph be amended to say that /X must be used with either /T or /E, and the /E paragraph also mention /X. If not, then I guess the current text is correct, but it would be useful (IMAO) to say that /X is not supported with /E and using them together may produce unpredictable results.

I was looking for strings with an apostrophe character between a greater than sign and a less than sign. (That is, apostrophes in an XML file that are not part of a tag.) The command
FFIND /E">.*'.*<" /V /X file.xml
gives me the addresses of the > characters beginning all the matching strings.

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