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file name completion on tcc21.01.61


The file name completion feature of tcc21.01.61
seems not to work correctly on Win 10 Enterprise
Japanese edition (Build 16299), although the feature
of tcc 20 works well.

The issue is as follows:

There is a file whose path is c:\bat\vscom.bat

On the command prompt, when I enter :
> c:\bat\v
and then press tab key, the result looks like
> c : \ b a t \ v s c o m . b a t.
On tcc 20.0 the result will be
> c:\bat\vscom.bat

Is this a bug specific on Japanese edition Windows?
The chcp command tells that "Active code page: 932".

This problem is reproducable both on TCC console and Take Command tab window.

I use "MS gothic" double-byte coded font which is a
system font supplied by MS.

Unfortunately, no single-byte font (Courier, etc.) is
appeared on the font selection dialog.

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