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Documentation File Times?

Hello - I generally use robocopy to mirror and clone directories --

I wanted to do a quick copy so I issued the command

copy /s /n /c <source> <target>

and to my surprise more files would have been copied then I would be copied -- I then did
the same copy in preview mode with robocopy and just the one file that I thought would be copied

upon further inspection, I found that the file in question had the exact size, date, and time to the second, but
target file had "000" fraction of a second when the source file value was non-zero

so, in practice are files considered the same if they just differ at the sub-second level?


Hello -- Thanks for the reply --

When I did my robocopy test, I added the /fft option which takes into account the 2 second issue -- but it seems in this case where
both filesystems are NTFS it did not include the sub-seconds of the filetime --

so since tcc looks at the filesystems does the /cf (or /uf) switch force the issue?

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