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Declined (Filename and)Directory completion keystroke: "stop cycling here and cycle through one level deeper"

Say I am on the the directory C:\Users\Miguel (the tree is full of subdirectories on each level) and need to change to C:\Users\Miguel\Documents\example\further\down\the\line . I'll end typing something like:

cd <tab> [n times, until getting to further ] <space> <backspace> <tab> [n times, until getting to down ] <space> <backspace> <tab> [n times, until getting to the ] <space> <backspace> .....

I'd like to have a keystroke (say, F9) to tell TCC to stop cycling on "this" directory and immediately start cycling on its contents.

cd <tab> [n times, until getting to further ] <F9> <tab> [n-1 times, until getting to down ] <F9> <tab> [n-1 times, until getting to the ] <F9> .....

This would be rather more comfortable to use, and even more so in the cases where there's exactly one subdirectory under the "current" one:

cd <F9> <F9> <F9> <F9> DONE!
Ah, I have "Add '\' to Directories" unchecked and Options set to "cd cdd rd:dirs", so just a backslash is needed to start on the next level down, but one key to go the next level down and display the 1st directory would definitely be handy.
Indeed. Also, the US layout has the \ key as a base assignment, but on the Spanish layouts (all of them, and several others in other languages) it's on an AltGr assignment, so it's not as direct.
I typically just hit <End> then <Tab>.

I tried to create a keystroke alias, but I cannot get ^i to be expanded as a tab. I can press Ctrl+I and it works like the TAB key. But ^i unlike ^e, doesn't work.
Is there someplace in the help that shows all the magic ^ combos? Or did you just happen to guess that?
a very simple keystroke alias that works is:
alias F9=\^t

However, when the end of the tree is reached, that keeps tacking on backslashes. If there's a ^ combo that says "go to the end of the line" or a way to specify <Space><backspace> that would eliminate the extra \'s.

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