Files Disappearing During Batch Execution

Dec 17, 2014
We are experience the mysterious occurrence of intermediate files created during batch execution disappearing during the same batch execution. We have scoured the application and the environment for indications of deleting we may be instigating unknowingly, but there are no deletes except for those we intend at the end of the batch process.

We have traced the beginning of this to the time that we upgraded from 4NT to TCC.

I wanted to ask if there was any known instance(s) of TCC removing files as an efficiency measure. Otherwise, is there a limit to how many instances of TCC should be instantiated on a given server before it begins to show unexpected issues. For instance, if we are executing multiple instances of the same batch process, might it be deleting the files from another instance even though each instance is using its own distinct directory structure?

Here is our version information:
TCC 16.03.55 x64 Windows 2003 [Version 5.2.3790]
TCC Build 55 Windows 2003 Build 3790 Service Pack 2

Thank you.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
What do you mean by "intermediate" files -- are they files you're creating or temporary files that TCC is creating?

There are not any known instances of TCC removing files unless requested to do so.

There is no limit to the number of TCC instances, other than the amount of memory you have.

TCC will not be deleting files from another instance using a different directory structure. Without seeing your batch files it's impossible to speculate on what might be happening on your system.
Dec 17, 2014
rconn, thank you. I first wanted to know if there was a known instance and a limit. As you may encounter often, it can be difficult to "show" someone outside of the company how we're doing what we do. I will work on getting something that can be shared.

Mr. Dye, I will follow-up on that question. Thank you.
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