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FIND command error

I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but all of the sudden the FIND command is no longer working, not even FIND /?

find /?
find: unable to access "/?": The system cannot find the file specified.

No command line switches work, so my batch files that use FIND /I are broken. I've updated them with FINDSTR, but I'm confused why this happened. Seems like it worked after v25 was installed. I'm quite confused, I have search for the errors I am receiving but no luck finding anything. I get this from v24, v25 and Windows Command Prompt. But only on one system.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
Does the file C:\Windows\system32\find.EXE exist on your system? If so, is C:\Windows\system32 in your path?
Found it. Thanks IBM InfoSphere, you jerk. MKS Tool is a part of this install. I was working on documenting the installation process using Defendpoint yesterday and had to install it.

From TCC:
which find
find is an external : C:\PROGRA~2\MKSTOO~1\mksnt\find.exe

I really appreciate the help!
No one has mentioned TCC's built-in FFIND. It can find files by name or content (with regular expressions).
Are there any command line utilities that will search for streams (or even text in streams)? In a quick Google search I discovered that you can give a directory an alternate data stream.

v:\> echo foo > play:foo.txt

v:\> d /: pla*
2019-11-06  10:17         <DIR>    play
                                5    foo.txt:$DATA

v:\> type play:foo.txt
Fix your %PATH% order then.
And check out the "findstr" command, it even lets you use RegExp's.

Thanks, that was the root cause, but I just uninstalled IBM InfoSphere, don't use it, just documenting the installation with -force to bypass the local admin check. That's done, that turd is gone and I'm back working.

It's been a very long time since I even touched my path, much less had to troubleshoot something like this, brings back memories.

I may dig into FFIND fer giggles. Since no one else that I work with has bought TCC, may be best to stick with FINDSTR.

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