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How to? Find installer downloaded by "option /u"?

Earlier today I downloaded the 15.00.36 (32b) installer; it automatically started the installation. I aborted the installation immediately, but there were no files anywhere on my system that could have been the installer (i.e., exceeding 10MB, written (modified) after issuing option /u).
How can I
1/ download the installer when the connection is dial-up speed? I downloaded the first 1500 kilobytes or so (different amount each time) 4 or 5 times, and it stopped. This happened both at home and using the local library's WiFi. BTW, FTP downloads - albeit very slowly - almost alwaysran to completion.
2/ I (effectively) pay for downloads by volume at home. The "upgrade" option requires me to download the same file 3 times for my 3 systems (and one more for the 64b version). If this is the only supported option, I (and every other user with measured internet service with multisystem license) must pay many times to repeatedly download the same file. There ought to be a supported method to avoid clogging one's slow-as-molasses internet access from downloading the same file multiple times! Your system keeps track of licenses - for users with multisystem licenses one download ought to be suficient. The "upgrade" option, after all, is capable of reporting the user's identity...
1) We do not optimize the update system for the 0.01% of our users who have dial-up speed systems. (Actually, only one that seems to have a problem, but I'll concede there might be a handful out there.) If you're having problems with HTTP downloads, you should contact your ISP -- there is no difference in reliability (or speed) between FTP and HTTP downloads. (If anything, HTTP is a bit faster.)

2) You can download every new build from the web site (though the upgrade option is faster and easier for the other 99.99%). The upgrade option is not capable of reporting the user's identity.
Rex, would you mind if I were to keep copies of the current installers on my own server, for Steve and anyone else who want to grab them via FTP?
What's the big difference between FTP and HTTP? If you already have TCC you can ...
copy http://jpsoft.com/downloads/v15/tcmd.exe
... and probably put that in a BTM that starts the DL'd file and terminates TCC. It'd be pretty automatic.

I, too, could host them on lucky's FTP server. I wouldn't want to manage it myself but I could give Rex enough access to upload them.
Charles, Vince: appreciate could your willingness to have FTP servers for updates. Vince, one difference I found yesterday between downloading the installer using TCC's COPY and OPTION/U - even in the library the COPY failed, apparently due to too many users on the local WiFi, never getting up to 2MB; OPTION/U succeeded. Unfortunately I did not notice that the default is "install automatically".
But my 64b system is not a laptop, and I had to lug it to my neighbor's house who just received wideband cable access. It is easy to take my laptop there and download (even by COPY) the 64-b version, but OPTION/U could not work... OTOH I did locate the OPTION/U copy by unmarking the automatic installation.
My problem is a combination of bandwidth and measured service. The former breaks the download, esp. using HTTP; the latter agitates against multiple downloads of the same file as required by OPTION/U. I now have 3 systems; 2 are 32b WinXP; the 3rd Win7-64b. For compatibility with older plugins not available in 64-b mode, I expect to run both 32b and 64b TCC on my 3rd system. BTW, I now think that automatic Windows Update of the Win7 system downloaded nearly 2GB, overwhelming my measured service. Hopefully that was a one-time deal...
If anyone wants the latest TCMD installers on a resumable HTTPS server, let me know, I already have this in place. I might be able to wedge in FTP access too (I have FTP access myself, I just have to investigate to see if I can set up an anonymous account or a "public" account without it's own proper home directory, but I generally recommend HTTP(S) over FTP for download-only usage)

If it were useful to anyone, I can also share a folder in Dropbox that automatically stays up to date with the latest public release builds, if this would be useful (this is what I use myself, since Dropbox automatically handles downloading files in resumable chunks, and is smart enough to transfer across my local LAN to my LAN connected machines, only using internet bandwidth when I'm off-site as a new build comes in)

It's all automated on my side already, which makes it easy to grant access to anyone who is interested. Send me a private message if you want access and I'll send you the info (and if you're not already a Dropbox user, allow me to whore out my referral link and we'll both get extra space in our accounts?)

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