Fixed console line length in Take Command 19?

May 19, 2016

I just registered Take Command 19 and there is one thing I can not find out how to achieve. The console panel seems to always word wrap program outputs, but I would like to have a horizontal scroll bar instead. In other words, how can I set up the console panel for a fixed line length (say 500 characters) so the automatic word wrapping does not happen for lines shorter than of that length?

Please don't say that is not supported! :-)

Kind regards
Leif Erik


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Windows restricts the size of a console window to the maximum size that will fit on screen, which (unless you're using a 4K monitor) is unlikely to be anywhere near 500 characters.

Take Command resizes the hidden console window to match the current width of the Take Command window (because everybody else *doesn't* want a horizontal scrollbar!). The only times you'll get a horizontal scrollbar in TCMD is when you resize the TCMD window to < 80 columns, or you have splitter windows.
You can have a horizontal scrollbar if you run the TCC console outside Take Command — but then you don't have the advantages of the tabbed windows.
I use a few alternatives within tabbed windows:
- I pipe the output to my text editor (an alias where TEE writes a temporary file later opened by the editor) (of course piping must be decided in advance, or I have to reissue the command)
- I select all, then edit clip: (TCC's clipboard) and the editor runs a script that joins the wrapped lines (handled through a BTM wrapper for the text editor)