if a filename has either ( or ) it causes TCC/TCMD to double quote the name; Hence I think it would be nice if Fixnames would replace either char with maybe _ please.

Version I am using:
P/V: 0.28.0
Size: 38.5
Date: 12/14/15 at 11:43am

P.S. Same thing with single quotes...... please....
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Charles Dye

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May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
I am getting "No closing quote" on filenames so suggest quotes be added plz.....
Theoretically, quotes are replaced with apostrophes. I don't know whether this has ever been tested, though. It shouldn't be possible to create a filename containing quotes -- they are illegal. Do you actually have filenames containing quotes?
I do have filenames with an uneven number of quotes, and ones with ">", as shown in the attached bad_names.txt, attached. I have not used fixnames yet.


about post #7, I made a filelist with CMD doing "dir /a:-d /b /o:gen /s -path- > listfile" then ran the attached testing.btm as testing listfile, just to help catch any filenames that are not ok with TCMD.....