Floating point division in a dos batch

An example, which I came across at Stackoverflow, that demonstrates floating point division in a CMD file, which does not work in TCC.
@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set decimals=2

set /A one=1, decimalsP1=decimals+1
for /L %%i in (1,1,%decimals%) do set "one=!one!0"

set /P "numA=Enter a number with %decimals% decimals: "
if "!numA:~-%decimalsP1%,1!" equ "." goto numOK
echo The number must have a point and %decimals% decimals
goto getNumber

set numB=2.54

set "fpA=%numA:.=%"
set "fpB=%numB:.=%"

set /A add=fpA+fpB, sub=fpA-fpB, mul=fpA*fpB/one, div=fpA*one/fpB

echo %numA% + %numB% = !add:~0,-%decimals%!.!add:~-%decimals%!
echo %numA% - %numB% = !sub:~0,-%decimals%!.!sub:~-%decimals%!
echo %numA% * %numB% = !mul:~0,-%decimals%!.!mul:~-%decimals%!
echo %numA% / %numB% = !div:~0,-%decimals%!.!div:~-%decimals%!