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FolderMonitor for the 1st time not working

I wish to ping when the file "C:\Users\tomwa\OneDrive\Test1\Test01.txt" is modified.

In TCC I've typed:

foldermonitor "C:\Users\tomwa\OneDrive\Test1" /I "\Test01.txt" /U MODIFIED FOREVER 'ping'

Nothing happens when I modifiy Test01.txt

Must be a syntax error. Any help is appreciated.
I don't think it likes the space after /I or the single quotes around the command. Single quotes are nothing special to TCC. Even with /I fixed,


is an unknown command.
No quotes are needed on the command. TCC will use everything after FOREVER. You might have to escape sensitive characters.
I changed the command to msgbox yesno "Copy" Copy all files to A:?

No msgbox when I modify a file in the directory.

foldermonitor C:\Users\tomwa\OneDrive\Test1 /I\Test01.txt /U MODIFIED FOREVER msgbox yesno "Copy" Copy all files to A:?

foldermonitor command now shows:

C:\Users\tomwa\OneDrive\Test1 MODIFIED (0/FOREVER) msgbox yesno "Copy" Copy all files to A:?

Why won't it just monitor file Test01.txt? msbox will not display when modifying the file.
I think you need quotes around the file name. This is OK here.


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