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Rex said, in another thread
As I've said, "Show" is completely different from "Go To". Commands like DIR simply show the content of directories. DO, FOR, and GLOBAL actually have to CD into each directory before running their command arguments. It's the CD access that's being blocked (by Windows).
Windows does not disallow CD access to directories with the S(ystem) attribute. Apparently, GLOBAL simply refuses to enter them.
c:\programdata> echo %_elevated

c:\programdata> attrib /d Microsoft\
__S_D_______I__  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft

c:\programdata> cd Microsoft\

c:\programdata\microsoft> dir

 Volume in drive C is unlabeled  Serial number is b813:1d21
 Directory of  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\*

2009-07-13  23:57  <DIR>  Assistance
2012-03-09  15:35  <DIR>  corecon

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Y'know, it would be entirely possible to implement your own directory-recursing command as a plugin. The syntax would have to be different -- plugins don't get to defer variable expansion, as some internals do. But you could add all kinds of features that ye olde GLOBAL doesn't offer: filter by attributes, check for circular references, only enter directories containing certain filenames or file types....
Are the directories you want to parse hidden+system or system only (the latter would be pretty unusual)?
The one in question is
__S_D_______I__  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft
Of it's immediate subdirectories, none of 24 are S(ystem) and only one (WwanSvc) is H(idden).

It's not all that unusual. Searching my system drive (with ATTRIB) I find that more than 1/4 of the "S" directories are not "H" (112/384 to be more precise).