Forums appear empty if I'm not logged in

Jul 21, 2014

My account in these forums was created recently, and I was able to ask my first question, well (thanks to Charles Dye for his excellent answer). Unfortunatly, I can't reply him.

If I read the forums on the site without being logged in, I see all the messages. But when I log in with my account to reply, the forums appear so empty, without any thread. I see my message (the only one), but if I click on the title (a weblink), I get the message "Take Command - Windows command processor and tabbed consoles - Error" - "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.". So I don't know how to reply to Charles (I have the button "Post New Thread", but I don't think this is the right way).

Ah, I did not receive email notification when Charles replied 3 days ago (I read it on the forum today). However the option "and receive email notifications of replies" is checked in my account browser preferences.

Is there a problem with my account settings? Or did I understand how to use the forums?

Thank you for your help.


Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
I've never seen anything like that, so I can only make generic guesses. Have you tried a different web browser? I use both Chrome and Firefox in this forum. Internet Explorer should also work too -- many of us hate and despise Internet Explorer, but it's probably already on your system and worth a try.

You might also try changing the 'style' under your preferences. Click on your name up there next to "Inbox", go to Preferences and change "Default Style" to "BP White" or vice versa. Sometimes this fixes (or causes) problems.

Good luck.
Jul 21, 2014
Thanks for your answer. I tried unsuccessfully some times with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

But I tried again now and it works! I do not know why. I have not changed anything in the settings of my browsers since yesterday. I did not need to redefine my Preferences (but I'll do it anyway.)

Thank you for your help.
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