Free version of 4Dos?

May 20, 2010

I am a long time user of 4Dos, 4NT, and TCMD. I will be upgrading to the full version of TCMD 12 soon. However, at the moment, I am looking for a free version of 4Dos. I thought that at one time there was a free copy of that somewhere on this site. I actually have 4Dos (and every other version of this product back to around V3 or so) but I am not sure that I can find the keys. I need this to replace on a palmtop I am playing around with. Any help pointing me in the correct direction would be appreciated!


May 26, 2008
You might also check out "4DOS Revived". I haven't personally used it but apparently it is based on the source for the final 4DOS version and some improvements have been made.