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From old version: had the setup's error been corrected?

Some time ago, in the TC 16.##, in particular, there had remained the very confusing old TC version's record in the Windows control panel's Programs uninstallation list after the version update, i.e. when installing the new TC version over the old. This forced me to uninstall the old TC explicitly, and then to install the new version. Has this been corrected?
I am one of those....

The installation program has two options, if you have forgotten, install into new folder and install over the old version.

When it is installed into a new folder, it is OK to leave the control panel reference to uninstall the old version later.

But it is very strange and confusing to leave the separate record for the old overwritten version when installing into the same folder. Moreover, this is dangerous, since my practice had showed that the executing the old version uninstall from the control panel in this case yields to the inoperability of the Windows Installer.
Because installer can't know what was in that old directory you just trashed with a new install.
If you want to remove old version, you should remove it before installing new one into the same directory.

A warning in the installer is probably a good idea.
The executables and DLLs contain what the Microsoft call the version information resources. The installer can read this information from the TCC.EXE if this file exists in the choosen destination folder to recognize the updating from the new install. And, yes, it is a good idea to display an error (not warning, I think) message if the user tries to overwrite the installed program. Also there may be a reason to add a separate choice "Updating (or upgrading) the version" to the menu that is displayed at the end of the uninstall.
That's not how installer works. Especially not TC/TCC installer.
To begin with, it is NOT DESIGNED to upgrade across major versions.
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