ftp problem

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Oct 2, 2008
this btm file:
iftp ftp://xxxx:[email protected]/taqquote/taqquote2008/taqquote200807/
dir ftp:*8072*
copy ftp:*8072* i:\taqquote\taqquote200807\
iftp /c

connects properly and the dir commands shows the right results:
Directory of ftp://ftp2.nysedata.com/taqquote/taqquote2008/taqquote200807/*8072*

7/21/2008 22:06 3,590,775,404 taqquote20080721.zip
7/22/2008 23:02 4,107,786,129 taqquote20080722.zip

but the copy command produces this error:
copy ftp:*8072* i:\taqquote\taqquote200807\
ftp://ftp2.nysedata.com/taqquote/taqquote2008/taqquote200807/taqquote20080721.zip => I:\taqquote\taqquote200807\taqquote20080721.zip
TCC: E:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD9\mine\doftp200807quotes.btm [6] 450 Cannot open file /taqquote/taqquote2008/taqquote200807/taqquote20080721.zip for reading.

What am I doing wrong?