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ftp server password required to download pdf help

Lately, I have been being prompted to enter a password to download the pdf help file, but not so with the program updates. I tried logging in anonymously and with my forum password, but have been unable to do so. Usually, I go back in a couple of hours and can download the help file without the password prompt. Also, I have noticed very frequent program updates as of late. Could you possibly start including a version history, to detail these changes in the readme.txt file?
There is no password required for the pdf file. Just click on "Downloads / Take Command Manual" from the home page (http://jpsoft.com).

The version history is posted on this forum in the release announcement, as well as in the updater. I don't know that it would be useful to add a third history somewhere else.

Tried link March 8th, 8 AM and it worked, however, clicking the link is how I was getting the passworg dialogue box in the first place. I was trying to let you know that you have an intermittent problem. The problem happened repeatedly on the 7th, and several other times after recently posted updates. Could it be a temporarily overloaded server, as users are downloading updates? It has never happened on the program updates: I am only updating the 64 bit version.

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