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Documentation ftype content

Hello – my amd w7 os was effected by MS January patch, but for the most part I was able to recover – but I did come across an issue.

I was at the tcc command prompt, and type info.txt – which normally would run notepad to show the text file, but I got a strange message that notepad.exe was not found – which did not make any sense since I could see notepad.exe –

I then looked at the reference for notepad via the ftype command and its full path was using %systemroot% and not c:\windows as part of the full filepath – I then notices that the “not found” issue was only with the entries in ftype that were use %systemroot% –

so do the paths saved via ftype have to be absolute paths – thus not containing any environment variables?
Yes, all paths in associations must be absolute. The filename passed to the association will also be absolute, if executed via explorer.
Overall, you should prefer absolute paths weherever possible.