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Funny thing with START and quoting

TCC LE 14.00.9 x64 Windows 10 [Version 6.3.19042] [D:\]*start /pgm http://localhost:8080/timeline?c=current works OK and starts the default browser with the given URL.

[D:\]*start /pgm "http://localhost:8080/timeline?c=current" opens the default browser pointing at http://localhost:8080/TIMELINE?C=CURRENT.COM (upper case and with ".com" at the end).

I wonder if this ".COM" is an attempt to add a default top level domain to the URL, or is a reference to something like 'COMMAND.COM'?:smile:
START "" /PGM "http://localhost:8080/timeline?c=current"

START /? reveals that first quoted argument is considered the window title of a newly opened window.

The help reveals that:

"The quoted string following this option is the program name. Any additional text beyond the quoted string is passed to the program as its parameters, so to use other START switches you must place them before /PGM which must be the last option for START. You can use /PGM to allow START to differentiate between a quoted long filename and a quoted title for the session."
But the help doesn't reveal while something is added to the command line and then PART of the command is being uppercased. It has to be a bug, and since it is not really critical, I am just curious to know what it might be.
Not sure whether this behavior was a bug or a feature. But either way, it changed in version 18.