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FuzzyCD: JPSTREE vs. Everything Search

I am noticing a difference in the behavior of fuzzy directory searches with JPSTREE.IDX, FuzzyCD=3, vs. Everything Search. On my system I have a directory called Work. I also have 35 directories that have the string work in their names -- Framework, Workspace, etc. These are not Hidden or excluded from JPSTREE or Everything Search in any way. Now, starting from a directory on my system where a fuzzy search is required to find any of these directories I type CDD WORK. If EverythingSearch=No, I am taken directly to the Work directory because, as documented, JPSTREE.IDX is searched for an exact match of what I typed before the wildcards are added to the beginning and end. But with EverythingSearch=Yes I get a pop-up window showing all 36 directories. Is this WAD? I would prefer that Everything Search work just like JPSTREE in this respect, but if what I'm seeing is the intended behavior then it should be noted in the documentation.

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