How to? Get Drive Letter From Label

Feb 23, 2012
TCC has a function to retrieve the drive label of a given drive letter (@LABEL).

Is there any function to do the reverse? That is, given a drive label, to retrieve the corresponding drive letter?

My use case regarding external drives: I have a bunch of external drives and memory sticks, which often receive varying drive letters, depending on the order in which they are plugged in. Yet, they each have distinctive drive labels; hence, it would be much easier to access them via label, rather than via drive letter.
May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
Unfortunately labels do not need to be unique, even if in your case they are. However, a simple DO loop can do the job for you. A very rough outline:

do d in %_ready
switch "%@label[%d]"
case %1
set dl=%d
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