Help text for Date Formats

May 29, 2008
Groton, CT
(Bld 24)
In topic datefmt.htm, the statement "All three fields must be specified" is out of date.

I recommend:

"All three fields must be specified, except for ISO day format and ISO week format, in which case two fields must be specified."

Perhaps a warning about the possible misinterpretation of intended input could be added, like

"If only two numeric fields are specified, the first is taken to be the year, and the second is taken to be the day number within the year. Thus 12-31 will be taken to mean 2012-031, which is 31 January 2012."

Perhaps also, "The format code specifier, if supplied, is ignored if only two numeric fields are specified, or if the first numeric field is a 4-digit year."
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