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Apr 18, 2014
TCC 25.00.9 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.295]
TCC Build 9 Windows 10 Build 18362

In the help topic

IDE / Batch Debugger > IDE Menus > Help

there is a typo in the "hyperlink to JP Software", it tries to open "" :-


Edited to add: This same typo is also present in the help topic

TCC > Commands > TCEDIT > TCEdit Menus > Help
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Jun 2, 2008
Newton, MA
There is also a typo in the "Highlighting and Copying Text" topic:

The right mouse button will pop up an Edit context menu. The context menu will have a "Goto URL" option enabled if you have selected an HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / FTPS name, or if there is an HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / FTPS name at the current mouse location. Slecting "Goto URL" will open a browser window at that URL.

Note "Slecting" instead of "Selecting".

P.S. How can we edit the context menu to associate keystrokes with the options? I know that I have trouble finding this information every time I update to a new version.
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